In the spring of 2018 Alpine Riding launched in North America, designating Whistler as our home base and headquarters. We were the first non-conventional mountain bike allowed to operate a business in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park using the A-Rides.

The A-Ride is a safe and innovative way to introduce beginners to mountain biking. It’s a product which can convert A-Riders into mountain bikers by using the A-Ride to safely teach key mountain biking skills while building confidence. By standing in an upright position on the A-Ride, this allows for more stability and an increased range of sight for the rider. Furthermore, each guided tour offers riders education about Whistler’s history and the surrounding views.

During the first few months of the inaugural operations, we ran over 115 tours with Whistler resort guest from around the globe and had an injury free season. Most of our riders who experienced Alpine Riding had never been in the Bike Park or on mountain trails before. In 2018 Whistler was the only location in all of North America that Alpine Riding was offered.

Alpine Riding transitioned from being a mountain scooter distributor into being the creator and manufacturer of the A-Ride. Pursuing our quest of innovation, the new A-Rides are engineered and designed locally in Whistler and now include an integrated electric battery into the frame. This evolution will disrupt the micro-mobility market because there is no other product like the A-Ride on the trails or streets.

The features of the electric A-Ride include: dual suspension, 24-inch fat tires, GPS tracking, lights for increased safety and visibility, a custom made electric battery (with a 50 km range) plus additional attachments (handles for children, basket and pannier). We’ve created a more capable and comfortable version of a traditional scooter, which will increase the rider’s wellbeing and safety.

The A-Ride operates safely and efficiently on sand, snow, trails, mountains and in urban centres. The electric function is used when going uphill and gravity is used when going downhill. Alpine Riding offers people another way to ride while safely having fun.

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