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Why choose Alpine Riding?

Alpine Riding is another way to ride and explore Whistler Mountain and the Whistler Valley.

What is an A-Ride?

An A-Ride is just like a mountain bike except that it doesn’t have a seat or pedals. You stand up on it and yes, there are front and rear brakes.

Is riding an A-Ride like riding a bike?

Riding an A-Ride is very similar to riding a bike except you don’t sit down and you don’t have pedals. With its low center of gravity, you will feel very balanced and stable!

What level of rider do I need to be?

You don’t need to have any off-road or downhill mountain bike experience to enjoy an A-Ride tour. You only need to be able to ride a bike.

What is required to go on an A-Ride tour?

We will ask you for a valid piece of government ID and a credit card. If you are going on a Gravity A-Ride tour (in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park), you do need to sign an Alpine Riding Ltd. waiver and Whistler Mountain Bike Park waiver.

What is included with an A-Ride tour?

We will provide you with full a protection kit composed of a full face helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and an A-Ride at your size plus a certified guide.

What should I wear in the Bike Park?

We do advise you to wear short sleeves, shorts above the knees, close toed shoes and sunglasses.

How does the Electric A-Ride work?

An Electric A-Ride is powered by a 17amps battery which is carried in a backpack. You can switch off the assistance on the fly and you can accelerate with a thumb throttle or kick the bike. The Electric A-Ride may require human power.

How do you go Alpine Riding?

You need an A-Ride in order to go Alpine Riding.

Can anyone ride an A-Ride?

Yes, anybody (who is 7 years old or older) can ride an A-Ride if you are able to have balance on a bike.

What should I wear when going Alpine Riding?

Please come with close toed shoes and hiking shoes are the best. You can also wear athletic clothing, similar to what you would wear if you were going for a hike or bike ride. Also, wearing sunglasses is recommended.

What should I bring with me?

We would advise you to bring at least one backpack per group to carry water and cell phones (because we know you will want to take pictures)!

What is included with an A-Ride rental?

We will provide you with full a protection kit composed of a full face helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and an A-Ride at your size and a whole lot of fun.

Can I keep my E-Ride overnight?

Unfortunately, not. You must bring back your rented Electric A-Ride before 8pm because the A-Ride is not equipped with lights.

How does the Gravity A-Ride work?

A Gravity A-Ride is fuelled by gravity. While riding it, you will find momentum reading the terrain. The Gravity A-Ride may require human power.

Where do tours start ?

Tours start directly either at the mid or last station of the Whistler Gondola. You can find a map on this page: http://alpineriding.com/try
Count 20-30 minutes to take the gondola and arrive on time.

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